Our Values

As the project progresses, we hope and pray that these values will become the backbone that help us make decisions, help others engage with what’s happening and make us accountable to the local community. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Jesus Focussed

In a world of independence, competition and distractions we try and keep Jesus’ teachings and actions at the heart of what we do. He calls us to love one another and often did this through conversations over food. Here at Open House, those are things we want to do best.

Everybody Welcome

No matter what background, race, gender, age, ability, religion or political leaning, everybody has a place at the table. At Open House we believe the more diversity, the better. There is beauty in difference: together. We will strive to reach out to those in our community who may find it difficult to come in.

Always Searching

We want questions to be asked, opinions to be challenged and for the search for truth to be an exciting and guided experience. We will always welcome conversation, offer prayer, support and point to other help as necessary. We do not presume to have all the answers. We hope local churches, community groups and people will find each other under our roof. And if you’re searching for good coffee, we can help with that too…

Generous Giving

Open House only exists through generous giving. We believe in finding unmet need; doing more than the minimum; in putting the last, first. On a daily basis our staff, volunteers and supporters give to get Open House open for business by their time, skills, resources, encouragement and prayers. We look for creative ways to give generously to our guests and to other organisations and projects.

People not Profit

Delicious food and a homely welcome cannot be produced at the expense of people or their environment; we look after our staff, our suppliers, our volunteers and our guests. Generous, sustainable and appreciative relationships go very well with good coffee. We’re in no rush for your table – we want you to feel at home.